[time-nuts] Cutler NAA on 24.0kHz....

Paul Davis ziggy9+time-nuts at pumpkinbrook.com
Tue Aug 12 23:12:14 EDT 2014

According to a document I just found (<http://tf.boulder.nist.gov/general/pdf/1743.pdf>) it would seem that the naval transmitters are at least .05 10e-9. I don't imagine they have gotten worse since that was published (1967!).

So maybe not quite as good as WWVB (which was then spec'ed at .02 10e-9) but probably still useful. But no time code of course. The least common multiple of the two is also 120 khz. Food for thought. 


On Aug 12, 2014, at 10:25 PM, Brian, WA1ZMS <wa1zms at att.net> wrote:

So does anyone know what frequency stability NAA has as of today?

When I fire-up my VLF RX converter they are so loud I'd hate to live near
the site.

One might be able to hear it with silver fillings in their teeth while
eating a lemon! ;- )

-Brian, WA1ZMS

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