[time-nuts] One man's noise is another man's signal...

Collins, Graham CollinG at navcanada.ca
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This is an interesting use of GPS, I had never considered the Aurora or solar storm angle before.

However, I am aware of the use of ionospheric scintillation and TEC measurements for ionospheric research and also for the study and detection of earthquakes.

Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Network  (CHAIN) uses this technology


and a couple of links about the earthquake angel:



I have been pondering how I could use as is or modify one of my GPS receivers to make these sorts of measurements. The CHAIN gps receivers use a OCXO but haven't figured out how to apply that to one of the GPS receivers I currently have or even if I could.

I have also been pondering whether I could approach from a different angle by using the range correction values provided Differential GPS (DGPS) radio beacons which broadcast range correction values for use with DGPS capable receivers. Seems to me that the Ionospheric effects on the GPS signal is reflected in the range correction values and it should be a matter of working backwards.

Cheers, Graham ve3gtc

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Tue evening, I went to a talk on Auroras and Solar Storms.  It was targeted as the general public so they didn't get into any technical details.

One of the pictures showed a GPS setup.  They were using it to measure free electrons in the ionosphere.

A friend found this in case anybody wants gory details:

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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