[time-nuts] Cutler NAA on 24.0kHz....

Alex Pummer alex at pcscons.com
Fri Aug 15 23:19:57 EDT 2014

interesting to read:
a very low frequency comparator for relating local frequency  to u.s. 
standards http://www.hpl.hp.com/hpjournal/pdfs/IssuePDFs/1964-10.pdf

On 8/15/2014 4:52 PM, Arthur Dent wrote:
> "Not sure whats up with the link when I click it I get the download. Its a
> 2.5MB file
> http://www.glkinst.com/test-equipment/manuals/Tracor900A.pdf. "
> The problem with the above link is the period is included as part of the
> link when you click on it. It will work without the period.
> -Arthur
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