[time-nuts] Cutler NAA on 24.0kHz....

Kenneth G. Gordon kgordon2006 at frontier.com
Sat Aug 16 12:26:40 EDT 2014

On 16 Aug 2014 at 10:24, paul swed wrote:

> Ken 
> At least last night NAA was running just fine using a fluke 207 and 4 ft of
> wire. The antenna is behind a metal rack that shields it in NAAs direction.

Ha! At VLF you could probably bury your antenna in a grounded, steel pipe 4 
feet into the ground and still hear NAA.

> I
> did that test out of curiosity.

I LOVE curious... :-)

> Granted its 2 MW but then again the antenna is at best 50% efficient.

See previous post. 

> Who knows maybe they have sections of the antenna down for maintenance.

The reason NAA has a double trideco is so they can continue to transmit 
with one section down for maintenance.

It turns out that Cutler has a much-bigger-than-usual problem with lightning...


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