[time-nuts] Cutler NAA on 24.0kHz....

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Sun Aug 17 16:27:58 EDT 2014

On 8/17/2014 12:30 PM, paul swed wrote:
> OK
> That said I shared the tracor d-msk-r circuit with the group that removes
> the msk. How does it pull that trick off? I do not get how it gets rid of
> the msk and leaves the carrier.

A common way to remove BPSK is to simply run the signal
through a frequency doubler (implemented as a full wave
rectifier).  This converts 0/180 degrees to 0/360 degrees
which is the same as 0/0 degrees, or no modulation.

Rick N6RK

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