[time-nuts] MH370 Doppler

Joe Leikhim jleikhim at leikhim.com
Tue Aug 19 21:26:11 EDT 2014

I raised this on the Duncan Steel website and was pretty much blown off.

"Oh there is a nice stable OCXO aboard" etc.

Well DUHH yes there is an OCXO aboard and if it is good to -20 to +75C, 
or just -20 to +60C and there is a huge fire raging around it for an 
hour, and then perhaps later the plane decompresses at 32,000 feet and 
ice forms inside the aircraft that all has to be a factor to consider.

The ATSB (Australian NTSB) report is mute on this as well.

Plus the Doppler reports are only every hour or so, so there isn't much 
of a trendline. But some interesting excursions.

I was surprised no time-nuts have ventured over to that blog.

"David I. Emery" wrote:

"Of course if environment significantly changes the drift performance of 
that particular OCXO it is possible that temperature, or pressure or 
power conditions were so different on the fatal flight that the drift 
might be larger and unknown in character... not sure. It is an error to 
consider of course. Not clear to me how carefully it has been or what 
possible factors have been considered. But surely the folks doing the 
analysis know about these issues."

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