[time-nuts] Ublox neo-7M GPS

EWKehren at aol.com EWKehren at aol.com
Wed Aug 20 06:37:37 EDT 2014

Be patient as soon as we have finished rollout of the FE 5680A and FE 405 B 
 GPSDO  I will be off the list.
Bert Kehren
In a message dated 8/19/2014 9:31:50 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
csteinmetz at yandex.com writes:

Bert  wrote:

>I guess time nuts like to talk about it but not fix  it.

Will you PLEASE quit beating this tired old drum?  All of us  know 
this is your opinion, although many of us have other explanations for  
the phenomena you think it explains.  We do not need you to repeat it  
every time you post, and it is offensive.

Best  regards,


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