[time-nuts] EFC info on Trimble 34310-T OXCO

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Fri Aug 22 14:52:02 EDT 2014

I've been using one for over a year.  They take 12V to power, and they have a VRef output around +6.25V, which implies an EFC range of 0-6V.  Unless you get one that's aged out, an EFC range of 0-5V should be fine.  The VRef has a bit of 10MHz on it on mine.  All in all, it seems to be a good OCXO, though I don't have the equipment to do a real careful test on it.  

However, I wonder if you'd really get anything from subbing in an Rb, other than the fun of doing it?  Don't Rb standards usually just have a DDS output?  If so, wouldn't that be a step backwards?

Bob - AE6RV

 From: Dave M <dgminala at mediacombb.net>
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Subject: [time-nuts] EFC info on Trimble 34310-T OXCO

Does anyone have any info on the OXCO in the Nortel/Trimble NTBW50AA-17 
GPSTM receiver?  The OXCO is labeled as Trimble 34310-T.  I see some Trimble 
34310-T oscillators on Ebay with pinouts labeled, but no other info.

Specifically, I'd like to know the EFC characteristics for it.  I'm thinking 
of the possibility of pulling the OXCO out of the GPSTM and subbing in a 10 
MHz Rubidium, and using the GPSTM to discipline the Rubidium.  My Rubidium 
is a Symmetricom X72, recently purchased.  It seems to be working well.
Does anyone know the differences between the three OXCOs used in the GPSTM 
receivers ("T", "T2" and "Oak")?

Thanks for some insight,
Dave M 
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