[time-nuts] EFC info on Trimble 34310-T OXCO

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Sat Aug 23 17:56:55 EDT 2014

Now that I see it again, I think I knew about Miller's Shera version, 
but I purged it from my brain in horror and disgust.  He bought a 
Z3801A, threw away the controller and added a Shera board. The Shera 
board is good, but .....


On 8/23/2014 1:40 PM, Charles Steinmetz wrote:
> Ed wrote:
>> I don't think you're correct about the Miller GPSDO containing a 
>> Shera controller.
> Is there more than one "Miller GPSDO"?  I was referring to this one, 
> by James Miller G3RUH, which uses a Shera controller and 10811 OCXO:
> <http://www.jrmiller.demon.co.uk/projects/freqstd/frqstd.htm>
> Answering my own question: yes, there appear to be at least two 
> "Miller GPSDOs," both by the same Miller.  Here is another (presumably 
> the one Ed was referring to):
> <http://www.jrmiller.demon.co.uk/projects/ministd/frqstd.htm>
> Best regards,
> Charles

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