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If got to my web site at  to-way.com and hit the Time-Nuts page then the Antcom L1/L2 Choke Ring antenna there are a series of pics. of the antenna while I was refurbishing it. 
The flat top radome has been replaced with a conical one for snow shedding.


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Hi All,

Just purchased a LEA-6T based board to play with (It's a Synergy Systems SSR-6Tru). The Ublox web site has some documentation regarding the setup of these units. In the documentation are some screenshots of what appears to be a utility for configuration. I haven't seen it on the Ublox web site yet. Do any of you know what that software might be, and where one would get it?

The unit is a few weeks out on delivery, so wanted to see what I could to to prepare for it's delivery. What other utilities and software are available what would pair with these units? FYI, I run windows based software.

Also, I have a low cost antenna coming. It's one of the Synergy systems puck type amplified antennas. I remember some time back a bit of chatter about improving GPS antennas for timing, by providing some sort of guard ring or choke to prevent low angle reception. Are there any good links anyone could provide on what may be worth building or playing with. Keep in mind, I live in snow country (~300 inches/year) so a something that gathers a lot of snow could be undesirable! :)


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