[time-nuts] Anyone Familiar with a Trimble 46865 Board?

Bob Armstrong k0bt at cox.net
Mon Aug 25 17:04:48 EDT 2014

I have been offered what appears to be a Trimble GPSDO board.  The model
number is 46865-00-BM.  From the photos, the board appears to be about the
same size and layout as my NTBW50AA and includes a Trimble STP2254 10 MHz
TCXO module, a USB port, and the same type of backplane connectors as the
Nortel unit.  I cannot find anything about it on the web - even to figure
out what it was originally used for.  Is anyone on the list familiar enough
with this particular board to point me to some reference information?  


Thank you,

Bob, K0BT


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