[time-nuts] Oscilloquartz 3210 Cesium Standard

Javier Herrero jherrero at hvsistemas.es
Thu Aug 28 15:53:32 EDT 2014


Then it is a quite different beast to the EUDICS 3120, that they also 
call OSA-3120... I note now that yours is a 3210, not 3120 :)



P.S. no, there is no known cure to the time nuts things interest. It 
becomes chronic, and only gets worse ;)

On 28/08/2014 16:33, Chris wrote:
> On 08/28/14 05:03, Javier Herrero wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Here is the manual I've. I have also some other documentations, and some
>> Oscilloquartz software for the OSA-5585, but I don't know if they are
>> very useful.
>> Regards,
>> Javier
> Hi Javier,
> Thanks for that and for the other replies. The 3210 looks like quite 
> an early design, with no sign of microprocessors at all. There's a 8 
> slot card cage with a load of discrete analog circuitry, 741 op amps 
> etc and a couple of boards full of 14 / 16 pin ssi cmos / ttl devices, 
> which I guess would be the synthesiser logic and perhaps a state 
> machine style startup sequencer. Apart from that, the rest is power 
> supply related and what looks like an alarm board with optoisolator 
> discete outputs to a 25 way D connector. The step recovery diode (?) 
> multiplier into the microwave cavity is a really neat gold plated 
> assembly with what looks like a 50r termination (setup tap for 
> spectrum analyser ?) and an adjustment trimmer, but am not touching 
> that or the many trimpots on the boards or any adjustments until I 
> have more info. The tube is from FTS, part number / model 7101.
> It seems strange that the 2nd harmonic, meter #9, is zero, since even 
> with a tube approaching eol, one would expect at least some 
> indication, which is why I think there may be an electronic fault. 
> Perhaps the hv power supply module feeding the electron multiplier. 
> Will try to measure that, but the area around the tube is really 
> heavily rivetted and screwed down in all directions. Looks like a lot 
> of the left hand side of the case will need to be disassembled just to 
> get at the tube connections. It also had the battery backup option, 
> with 4 sets of 3 x cyclon type cells, but with a date code of 1984, 
> are seriously dead and have been removed.
> This time nuts things seems to be a growing interest and wonder if 
> there is a cure ? :-). Recently bought a 1970's era Tracor 304D 
> rubidium standard. Again, no lock, but a very well engineered and 
> screwed together piece of kit and should be fixable. Collection now 
> includes the Z3816, from Ebay US around 7 years ago, a Z3815 currently 
> being repackaged, an HP103 with open circuit oven heater elements and 
> the 3210...
> Regards,
> Chris
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