[time-nuts] GPS antenna in snowy environment (was: LEA-6T, Software.)

"Björn Gabrielsson" bg at lysator.liu.se
Fri Aug 29 09:05:12 EDT 2014


The classic Aeroantenna SPIKE snow cone.


The old Ashtech snow cone


Both of the above will keep birds looking for another place to rest.


These spherical cones will impact the signals less, but they do give birds
a rest/watch-place. See the middle url, which shows the drawing, and where
the antenna phase center is put in the center of the (half)-sphere.

The swedish COORS network - called SWEPOS - are using at least two
versions of snow cones made from clear acrylic.


But I doubt very much that a usual timing receiver will notice the



> Björn,
> Can you provide links to some examples? A picture or two would be great!
> Attila,
> Almost all the snow we get accumulates. However it does settle, even
> then by mid February it's not unusual to see 4 or 5 feet on the ground...
> However, that raises a good questions, in terms of cones and shedding
> snow. I wonder how a straight slender vertical pipe with capped end
> would work. Say 6 feet long. Let the snow build on the top. You might
> loose a few degrees of sky view above it, but how detrimental would that
> be?
> Lots to think about before winter! :)
> Dan
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