[time-nuts] New Acquisition: HP-53132A

stan, W1LE stanw1le at verizon.net
Sat Feb 1 22:50:13 EST 2014

Hello The Net,

I just got in the counter and the fan is always ON, even with the front 
panel switch OFF.

I looked in the manual but could not find anyway to change this.
The counter has the standard internal 10 MHz reference, but I will be 
using a Trimble T'bolt GPS/DO for the external reference.

The fan is part of the power supply module. I can see a possible need 
for it if a premium ovenized reference is always ON.
But I do not have the premium internal reference.

Is there a way to only allow the fan to be ON, if the front panel switch 
is ON ?  Possibly a jumper setting ?

Are there any key strokes to determine the software version, other than 
a check sum ?
I do not have the standard HP serial number, with the" vintage" 
(manufacturing date code) code first.
The unit was manufactured in Korea.

Stan, W1LE on Cape Cod


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