[time-nuts] housing multiple GPS timing receivers in the same box.

mike cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Tue Feb 4 08:08:06 EST 2014

  Till now I have been putting receivers in individual boxes. So to limit the growing number of boxes, I want to put two Resolution-T SMT receivers in one box, sharing power and antenna inputs. My question is " How best can I share the antenna input, minimizing any interference between the receivers?" . Will any interference matter? For example, I can easily connect three bits of shielded coax in a "Y" , but will probably get reflections from each receiver. As the cables will only be about 15cm long, would it matter? How about the DC antenna supply? The antenna DC will NOT be powering an antenna as it passes through a DC blocked splitter used to share an antenna between most of my receivers. I might be able squeeze a Mini-Circuits splitter in the box and DC-block both outputs but that may be overkill.  What discrete circuitry might be a replacement? Will the "Y" do it?

Someone must have already succeeded with this type of config. 

Thanks in advance  for your input.



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