[time-nuts] Rb as source for ADEV?

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Thu Feb 6 17:23:11 EST 2014

I'm getting a little more familiar with ADEV and OADEV now.  With a little help from Tom, I've put together gnuplot scripts and his software to get a decent plot.  But, as some time-nuts have pointed out, my measurements are of one part of my system being compared to another.  Would I learn anything useful by hooking my Rb standard up to my 5335A and comparing that to the OCXO?  How long should I let the Rb heat up before starting the test?  I'm a bit uncertain about the result of comparing a stable clock of questionable accuracy to an accurate clock of questionable stability.  Hopefully I said that right.


Bob - AE6RV

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