[time-nuts] Lady Heather command question

Michael Baker mpb45 at clanbaker.org
Thu Feb 6 23:52:42 EST 2014

Thank you Azelio, for your response to my question
regarding how to get Lady Heather to display the
signal-strengths vs AZ and EL.

I have been trying to figure out how to get LH to display
the signal strength diagram. I have been entering
'SAS' <ret> into the command line. LH responds by
clearing off the ADEV lists but then starts the ADEV lists
all over again.

Where do the SAS, SAD, SAE, SAA, SAW, SAC commands
and their function explanation appear?
I do not see them listed anywhere.

What is the correct procedure for entering the commands?

Are you saying I should enter ' SAS/SAD/SAE/SAA ' (ret)...?

In other words, enter all the commands in sequence separated
by the forward slash (/)...?


Mike Baker

Azelio Boriani said:
S A S signal
S A D data
S A E elevation
S A A azimuth
S A C to clear the view

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