[time-nuts] How I got my FE-5680A to lock in Sydney, Australia

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Mon Feb 10 18:11:35 EST 2014

Hi Jim,

I posted that mainly because there have been past threads about reviving Rb standards by heating the bulb, not because I have any evidence that that's the problem.

Bob - AE6RV

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>Hi Bob, Charles, Dr David, Ed and Magnus,
>Thanks for those further helpful comments. OK, I will try seeing whether 'in between' orientations do make any difference, to provide further evidence regarding a possible magnetic effect. I'll also try the effect of tapping it with a plastic screwdriver handle. And if nothing more shows up, I'll try opening it up and looking for 'dry' or otherwise crook solder joints, etc.
>I did find the idea of rubidium movement inside the bulb an interesting one, though. It's a possibility, isn't it?
>Jim Rowe

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