[time-nuts] Looking for WWVB digital wall clock with digital 24 hour UTC display

Andy AI.egrps+tn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 22:48:28 EST 2014

Rick wrote:

  "Thanks for the suggestions, but the MFJ121 does not
   display the date"

The MFJ-121 might not include the date, but some of their other large WWVB
clocks do.  Go to
http://www.mfjenterprises.com/Categories.php?sec=226(clock products)
and click on the ones that say "ATOMIC".  I am not sure if
they all can be set to UTC but some of them say they can.  MFJ products are
made for radio amateurs, many of whom use UTC for 'talking around the

Be aware that MFJ has mixed reviews ... some of their products that they
themselves assemble in Mississippi can have QC issues.  Cold solder joints
is the one I hear most often.  Some people love 'em; others hate 'em.  They
are a successful business for 40+ years so I'd have to guess the lovers
outweigh the haters.


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