[time-nuts] New WWVB modulation format receivers (NOT)

Alex Pummer alex at pcscons.com
Thu Feb 20 21:32:44 EST 2014

Hi Paul,
how was that 60kHz RF front end made I was not wit the group six months 
ego could you please send me a copy/
thank you in advance

On 2/20/2014 1:29 PM, paul swed wrote:
> Chuck thats easy. Because I could make it work. :-)
> That said there was a post on time-nuts about LORAN C receiver in software.
> I responded and have had the great pleasure of communicating with Matthias
> over the last two weeks. I have learned a lot already and he in return has
> a tested LORAN C receiver.
> So with some luck just maybe I can become smart enough to do a better
> design in software on a $15 micro. You still need the RF frontend section
> that I released quite a while ago to time-nuts.
> Regards
> Paul

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