[time-nuts] New WWVB modulation format receivers

Graeme Zimmer gzimmer at wideband.net.au
Thu Feb 20 22:56:26 EST 2014

> Several years ago I spotted a clever PIC-based software (DSP-ish)
> approach to WWVB modulation

Perhaps it was mine?

Years ago I designed a PSK31 decoder using a PIC. It worked very well 
for fixed frequencies, but I concluded that making it tunable was beyond 
the resources of the PICs then available.

If I remember correctly, it used a simple delay line and multiplied the 
early and late version of the signal. Most of the overheads were in 
synchronisation and decoding the Varicode modulation.

I imagine it would be fairly easy to get it working for WWVB. All it 
would take would be sufficient enthusiasm. Something I have a shortage 
of these days :-)

.............. Zim ............ VK3GJZ

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