[time-nuts] New WWVB modulation format receivers (NOT)

Brian, WA1ZMS wa1zms at att.net
Fri Feb 21 14:01:38 EST 2014

500GHz? You must mean 50GHz.
Because 1Hz at 500GHz is 2E-12.  (You're already there at your goal.)  And
what frequency counter are you using at half a THz?     :- )

(My highest freq 2-way ham contact has been on 403GHz and that took me years
to make.)

-Brian, WA1ZMS/4

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Well if we are talking about $50 then you have my attention.

No I am not afraid to use a soldering iron.  Amateur radio is not my main
interest here.  I have the same compulsion many of you out there seem to
have, that if I can get more accuracy I want it.  I get that content smile
on my face when my counter reads a string of zeroes on a measurement that is
supposed to do just that.

I am doing a lot better than 1 ppm right now.  I have my counter and signal
generator agreeing within about 1 Hz at over 500 GHz.  When I get one beat
in 10 seconds against 20 MHz WWV I have 5 ppb I think.  I am close to that
but it gets sticky using 20 MHz to communicate, plus the signal is only
available in my location for a few hours on most days.

I am doing similar things with voltage but you can't communicate voltage
over the radio so I don't have that kind of agreement, more like 50 ppm.

It's all in fun; I have no legitimate need for this accuracy.


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