[time-nuts] new gps

tom jones epoch_time at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 22 17:26:17 EST 2014

I picked up prn30 signal for the second time around 11:30pdt but did not get any data till 12:11pdt
All though my sirf receiver is advertised to track some rediculous amount of sat's at once (something 32 or is it 48 

sats) the sirfdemo software only allows 12 sat's to be tracked at once..

The sirfdemo had 11 channels tracking strong high altitude sats, the 12th channel was toggling between two low horizon 

sats and prn30 and couldn't lock on either.
Prn30 had good signal strength about 20db out of 35db (sirf receiver is indoors) the software saw it as unuseable and 

kept trying to aquire other low horizion sats.  Around 12pdt the low horizon sats fell below the horizon freeing up two 

more channels.
This is about the time I received the good prn30 data.

The gps clock timing received looks very similar to last nights clock data except the rate doesn't go negitive.
It looks to me like mission control shut power off to the sat between last nights and todays data? or they tested a 

second  new ribidum clock today? 

Anyway todays clock data looks a little more stable than last nights clock / data.
I've cut and pasted only todays (noon time) first reception and todays last reception.

4.1019065602e-010,-2.6931360042e-014	 @ 02/22/2014 12:11:52

2.8165598456e-010,-5.0887679487e-014	 @ 02/22/2014 13:04:22

I'm expecting the negative drift to stabilize as the spacecraft gets further from earth.

I did find the norad satellite tracking numbers;
prn30 svn64 39533
delta 4 r/b 39534

but I haven't put the norad numbers into sat tracking program yet.

Having fun Tom...

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