[time-nuts] Question for Fluke 732A owners

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Wed Feb 26 16:06:26 EST 2014

Fluke used two different connector schemes for the DC input on 732A 
battery packs.  The oldest units have a pair of banana jacks, and 
later units use a 3-pin connector made by Hypertronics.  My question 
concerns only the latter (732A battery packs with the Hypertronics connectors).

The Hypertronics contacts are interchangeable between the panel mount 
connector body and the plug body.  It is customary to build the panel 
mount connectors with female contacts, and the plugs with male 
contacts.  However, it appears that Fluke may have made at least some 
732A battery packs with male contacts in the panel mount connectors.

I'd be interested to know what is out there in the field.  If you 
have a 732A battery module with the Hypertronics 3-pin connector, 
could you please look at the connector and let me know if the 
contacts are male or female?

Just to be painfully clear, I'm referring to the gold-plated metal 
contacts only, not to the black plastic parts of the connector.  The 
gold-plated metal contacts can be male (i.e., the metal part you can 
see is a solid pin) or female (i.e., the metal part you can see is a 
hole that will accept a pin).

Thank you,


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