[time-nuts] RG 6 U couplings

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Sun Dec 6 21:17:24 EST 2015


The first gotcha is that RG-6 is a “generic” spec. You can find some really awful cable with a label that
says it’s RG-6. The biggest advantage of quad shield is that it’s intended for satellite use. That’s right up 
by the GPS frequencies so what ever they do, the voodoo likely works at GPS as well. 

All that said, yes, quad shield should have slightly lower attenuation. You also get loss from the uniformity (or lack of)
of the shield.


> On Dec 6, 2015, at 7:23 PM, Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net> wrote:
> cfharris at erols.com said:
>> It is important to note that RG58 <> RG6 <> Quad RG6.  They are each
>> different in diameter, loss, and shielding capability. 
> Is the attenuation of RG6 significantly different from Quad RG6?
> I'd expect the loss to be primarily determined by the size of the center 
> conductor which would be the same.
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