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Hello Jim,
Could you point me to this list of test equipment unloaded by the DOD contractor, please?  Thank you.   


    On Sunday, December 6, 2015 9:00 PM, Jim/Anna McIntyre <bbimini at gmail.com> wrote:

 Greetings all,
My name is Jim, I'm a Noob to your list.  A local DoD contractor unloaded a
heap of test equipment lately, and I scored a 5065A.  It's s/n 1532A00666,
has an Olive green-ish RVFR, and a 00105-6103, series 1284 Quartz

I have had the instrument powered up for about an hour now. (I first
checked the +/- 20V supplies and they're OK.)  I have a 1A source connected
to the TE lines.
At the end of the 1st hour here's what I'm seeing (Open Loop Mode).

Batt 48
Supply 38
Lamp Oven 30 (down from 50)
Cell Oven 30 (down from 50)
Osc Oven 44 (down from 50)
Photo 28
5 MHz 32
Control, Error, 2nd Harmonic all read 0

I adjusted the Quartz Coarse control to be within 10-7.  Fine is set to
250.  Synth output measures 5.315 005 728 MHz, and is about 1.8 Vpp.

Control, Error, 2nd Harmonic all read 0 after I switch to Closed Loop and
hit 'Start'

Please advise on next steps...

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