[time-nuts] GPSDO and oscillator steering - EFC vs DDS schemes?

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Tue Dec 8 12:28:15 EST 2015

On Tue, 8 Dec 2015 17:32:17 +0100
Attila Kinali <attila at kinali.ch> wrote:

> The only
> problem would be to get a narrow band 10.0MHz filter (I couldn't find
> one within 5 minutes of googling). 5 stages should cost around 50-70USD)

Correction: I should have looked at "Resonators" instead of "Filters"
10MHz ceramic resonators are readily available and have Q factors in
the range of 900 to 4000 which results in a BW between 11kHz and 2.5kHz.

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