[time-nuts] modification Lucent RFTG

Jörg Logemann joerg.logemann at lai.de
Sun Dec 13 16:59:53 EST 2015

I made some modifications to my article and I hope, that everything is
ok now. Please feel free to correct the text if you find some spelling
mistakes (very likely) because my english is not perfect, hi.
Thanks for your help,
best 73s
Joerg, DL2NI

Am 13.12.2015 um 12:00 schrieb Rex:
> Joerg,
> This looks like a very useful mod on a unit that many of us have. I'm
> not aware of any schematics available for these, so I guess you have
> reverse-engineered the "black"  part of the schematic that you
> provided. -- Nice work!
> Having said that, may I offer some minor criticism (constructive and
> positive, I hope) of your document?
> The schematic you provided shows the key transistors as Q1 and Q2. In
> the text you refer to Q208 and Q209 (which I think are marked on the
> board). From the description, I think Q1 = Q208 and Q2 = Q209. It
> would be nice if the schematic had the Q-numbers changed, or at least,
> you mentioned the equivalence in your text.
> (Trivial) Aren't you using an existing SMA connector for your output?
> So, maybe it should be black in the schematic.
> Your picture of the board rework is pretty low resolution; even
> zooming into it just gives bigger blurry image. You have added some
> annotations but they are in red over the green board color. Combined
> with the low resolution they are very hard to read. I'm pretty sure
> they remain in German in the English version too.
> My suggestions:
>     - Edit the schematic to change the Q-numbers to match the board
> and text, or at least give the equivalence in the text.
>     - Use a higher resolution picture and make the annotations more
> readable with different color or background shading.
>     - The picture you provide is "after". It would be nice to also
> have "before". If you don't have a before picture, I or some other
> member could probably take one.
>     - Consider having picture annotations in English for the English
> version.
> I think what you have done is great. I just think the sharing document
> could be improved to make it easier for others to duplicate.
> If you like, I could possibly help make a more readable annotated
> picture if you can provide me a higher res picture of the board. Just
> an offer to help if you would consider my suggestions. I think you
> will see my email in my post.
> -Rex   KK6MK
> On 12/12/2015 4:39 PM, Jörg Logemann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I worked out a modification of the Lucent GPSDO to get 10MHz out of it
>> which I offer to the community. The article is available in english and
>> german (attached).
>> best 73
>> Joerg, DL2NI
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