[time-nuts] SMD TADD-1 distribution amplifier - seeking comments and suggestions?

John Miles john at miles.io
Thu Dec 17 18:47:30 EST 2015

You don't necessarily need a lot of shielding, at least not at these frequencies.  The decisive battle against EMI is fought at the board level.  If you lose it there, then all you can do is use various patches and hacks, including external shielding, to cover your retreat.  

Given what looks like a nice solid ground plane underneath, Anders will probably get better results once he bonds the coax grounds properly.  

I've preached this sermon before, but I don't think anyone believes it...

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

> >The board was not enclosed in a metal can for these tests.
> Isn't that the explanation ?
> Any SMPS in the vicinity is going to show up...

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