[time-nuts] SMD TADD-1 distribution amplifier

Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Fri Dec 18 18:56:46 EST 2015

On Fri, December 18, 2015 4:50 pm, Bruce Griffiths wrote:
> On Friday, December 18, 2015 12:27:33 PM Charles Steinmetz wrote:
>> It is perfectly possible to ground coax connector bodies at RF
>> without grounding them at power-line frequencies

> Something like an annular ring capacitor that insulates the BNC body from
> the chassis whilst capacitively shorting it to the Chassis at RF ??.

Yes, exactly what I was referring to previously when I mentioned the
telecom solution to this problem.

I have an Amp connector in my parts bin with this style of connection, but
it doesn't have a full part number printed so I can't find the drawing.

I believe this Amp patent from 1990 may refer to the method of assembling
such a connector:

Chris Caudle

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