[time-nuts] TAC32 not behaving properly

William Beam wbeam at gci.net
Sat Dec 19 04:11:53 EST 2015

Review  your operating system sound settings (on taskbar or in
control panel/sounds).
The one second ticks are quite low level compared to the top of minute

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Subject:[time-nuts] TAC32 not behaving properly

 Hi all,

 I have what I hope is a minor problem with TAC32 software. I'm
running it on
 a Windows 7 machine and using it to monitor a Motorola VP Oncore
receiver in
 my master clock. The seems to work OK but when I turn on the sound
 it only sounds the second ticks when it's synchronizing i.e. when the
 display is red. Once it's locked on to the receiver and the display
 black the ticks stop but it still beeps at the head of each minute.
In the
 past it's worked properly but since I had the machine down while my
 was being renovated it's started doing this.

 Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution?



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