[time-nuts] TimeLab with Wine: No RS232 interface available

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Feb 5 02:05:48 EST 2015

I have seen several issues with Windows programs not releasing (or perhaps 
not being able to releaase) the serial ports after using them.  Once one of 
these programs accesses the serial port,  no other programs can use it until 
you re-boot.   I'm fighting windoze Hypertrm right now over this issue 
trying to read from a freq counter for some ADEV measurements.   Once 
HYPERTRM runs, no other program can access the serial port.

Lady Heather seems to work fine with Wine,  but I have not tried it after 
running HYPERTRM.

Whilst I suspect the problem is more likely to be Wine as multiple programs 
show the issue, you could try the PuTTY terminal program instead of the 
rather old HyperTerm:


May be better, may not.

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