[time-nuts] Newbie question

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Fri Feb 6 01:16:08 EST 2015

Hi Stuart,

Also contact Joe Geller, who was active on time-nuts some years ago, and who wrote the ultimate 53310a reference page: http://www.gellerlabs.com/hp53310a.htm


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> Hi Time-Nuts:
> Not sure what the protocol is here but I'll just jump in.  
> I've just purchased an HP53310a modulation domain analyzer. Most you already know that these amazing instruments are basically a TIC with a graphic display of frequency vs time. I've always wanted one to record PLL settling time. I also know they are pretty non-intuitive to setup and use. Now that I have one I'd like to connect with someone that has experience using them.
> Anyone?
> Best Regards to the group.
> Stuart Rumley

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