[time-nuts] patek phillipe digital clock, sold as curio/antique

Flemming Larsen flarsen at yahoo.dk
Fri Feb 27 06:23:40 EST 2015

Check the price here:
Patek Philippe Digital Display Clock

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| Patek Philippe Digital Display ClockVintage digital display clock by Patek Philippe of Geneva. Made for Abou Watfa of Damascus, circa 1970. Rare Patek Philippe digital clocks for sale at M.S. Rau Anti... |
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 Subject: [time-nuts] patek phillipe digital clock, sold as curio/antique
In yesterday's Wall Street Journal (or maybe USA Today, I can't remember..)

Nice Nixie displays...
I wonder if it normally displays the same time on all, or if it is a 
multi-time zone/elapsed time kind of thing.  It looks a lot like clock 
display stacks used for displaying Mission Elapsed Time, Local Time, 
UTC, etc.

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