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Is the 1987 version the latest issue available for free?

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On 8/6/2016 8:46 AM, Glenn Little WB4UIV wrote:
> Cone of protection is addressed.
> Volume 1 is theory, volume 2 is application.
> The military requires 1/0 cable exterior to the building, commercial
> practice is #2AWG.
> Ground rod spacing is address.
> Overall a very good reference based on practical experience and backed
> with theory.
> 73
> Glenn
> On 8/6/2016 1:19 AM, Bill Hawkins wrote:
>> Hi Glenn,
>> Your advice is excellent.
>> Seems like every time we have a lightning discussion there is no
>> distinction between an EMP and a direct hit.
>> I started work in 1960 at a blasting cap plant in upstate New York. The
>> powder magazines were protected by tall masts according to the "cone of
>> protection" theory. The angle of the cone varied between 45 and 60
>> degrees. The earth ground resistance of the mast was measured by a
>> hand-cranked device that looked like a megger but read earth resistance
>> to less than a tenth of an ohm. Had the lightning but never lost a
>> magazine.
>> You say MIL-HDBK-419 covers EMP. Does it also cover cone of protection
>> for direct hits?
>> I was fascinated by the idea that a simple capacitor discharge into an
>> inductor could be greatly enhanced by reducing the diameter of the
>> inductor with a conventional explosive, described in one of Stephen
>> Coonts' books, if my failing memory recalls correctly. And so I learned
>> what I could about EMP. Never built anything, just interesting behavior.
>> Best regards,
>> Bill Hawkins
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>> A very good reference for EMP protection is MIL-HDBK-419.
>> This is downloadable for a number of web sources.
>> It is about 600 pages and is in two volumes.
>> This discusses a number of different sources of EMP such as nuclear and
>> lightning.
>> A lot is for protection of military industrial complexes, but, there is
>> a lot that pertains to us.
>> I worked for a military complex that assembled nuclear missiles.
>> The site was built to this handbook specs.
>> We had no EMP related damage at the site.
>> Number one rule, bond all grounds together. If something on your
>> property takes a hit, you want everything on your property to elevate to
>> the same level and the same rate.
>> If you have multiple, non bonded grounds, there is a different reference
>> for each ground. This is a major source for disaster.
>> I spent seven years in lightning mitigation. I was told by professionals
>> that I was wrong. The third time that their tower was struck, destroying
>> all of the lights and attached equipment, they followed my
>> recommendations. That was ten years ago. The three hits were within four
>> months of each other. The site has been free of destructive hits since
>> then.
>> 73
>> Glenn

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