[time-nuts] Efratom M-100 Rubidium

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Tue Aug 30 18:12:32 EDT 2016

A friend gave me an Efratom M-100 Rubidium standard to check out and 
calibrate.  I found a couple manuals to download, and they appear to be 
pretty complete.  Even have schematics!!
The unit belonging to my friend is p/n 70502-7.  The manuals appear to be 
for p/n 70502-1.  Close to the front of the manual is a statement: "A model 
M-100 with a part number other than 70502-1 is a modified unit".
My question is thus:
Is there a document anywhere that has a comprehensive list of modifications 
for the M-100?  Or, at least a description of the modification on the -7 

It may well be just mechanical or cosmetic in nature, and have no bearing on 
the operation (I haven't fired it up yet).  It appears to be physically 
identical to the illustrations of the 70502-1 in the manual.

Any help or comments are welcome.

Dave M 

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