[time-nuts] Aeroflex IFR 3413

Stéphane Rey steph.rey at wanadoo.fr
Tue Feb 9 16:12:51 EST 2016

Hi Clint,

I do not know this instrument, however let me share my current 
experience with my IFR2945.
I've found a faulty board to be part of the main PLL. The failled 
component was an old CPLD. I've requested a quotation from both the CPLD 
and the full board.
The CPLD was 90 euros with 9 months of leadtime (!) and the full board 
460€ with 1 month. I've bought the full board.
The company is actually Cobham Wireless who owns Marconi Aeroflex now.
After 3 months nothing yet received. I had to complain.
I finally got the board after 3.5 months. Put in the instrument and 
still not working. New release of the board with FPGA instead of CPLD. 
The FPGA outputs are not doing anything. Ask to the support again and it 
appears the board has not been programmed/tested... but they don't want 
to send me the code for programming (I've the tools at work). I have to 
send back my board
After 3 weeks they tell me I should have ordered the slash T version 
(which costs 30% more) !!!! Well guys.. you made the quotation for that 
board... What could I do with a non programmed board ????
Meanwhile my support guy tells me the facility he works in France... is 
going to be closed suddenly. By the way they're all fired.
Cobham Wireless is under restructuration and they're closing some sites. 
My board has been lost !
Finally apparently they've sent me a new board, I hope programmed this 
time.... and I'm waiting for it...

According to the very nice french support guy I was in contact with, in 
IFR2945/2965 there are very few components like that which are 
programmable for which this is no option other than Cobham support but 
at the moment it looks like an incredible mess there.

Good luck

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>I've acquired from eBay a 'faulty' Aeroflex IFR 3413 signal generator 
>Option 001 (no attenuator) and an error 509 which I think would 
>it's had power applied to the output port.
>Does anyone have service information for these generators?
>I'm also looking for firmware upgrades and any experience of adding
>'options' I.E. is it possible to add the mechanical or electronic
>attenuator options ?
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