[time-nuts] MTI 260-0624-D OCXO

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Feb 19 23:21:14 EST 2016

timenut at metachaos.net said:
> However, the POT is clearly designed to be adjusted AFTER everything is
> assembled because it is intended to be adjusted through the hole in the
> case. That assumes some sort of feedback. What feedback?

If it adjusts the temperature, the idea is to tune it so that it runs at a 
flat spot on the temperature vs frequency curve.  You don't actually care 
what the temperature is, just that you set it at the flat spot.  You could 
measure the curve with several data points, then interpolate and set it to 
the best spot.

I'd expect something like that is part of the burn in process.  I wonder if 
they have it automated or if a human has to make each adjustment.

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