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Daun Yeagley daun at yeagley.net
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Hi Magnus

My memory is a bit faded on this, but the Instrument Basic on the 894xx is pretty useful, and I'd recommend making use of it.  Instrument Basic is a subset of "Rocky Mountain Basic" which was a very useful programming language, especially for instrument control.  "Back in the day", I did some programs for customers on the analyzers.  Another notable example was a program that was written for performance proofs for ATSC (US digital TV standard) by an engineer at Zenith.  It proved quite popular with TV engineers because it pretty much automated the setup of the analyzer for these tests.
I don't know if I've still got any programming examples any more.... again, that was a long time ago now!
I also don't remember how difficult it is to add the option to an existing analyzer.  Does your analyzer(s) have the option? 


Daun E. Yeagley, II, N8ASB

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Fellow time-nuts,

This is a little off the normal time-stuff, but I wonder if people just happens to have some suitable input to give.

I have a couple of HP89410A/89441A and would like to see if it would be nice to see what could be done using the instrument BASIC. How would I be able to enable or install it?

Now, don't even bother to write comments about how you can do better using software control from a PC with this and that tool, this is explicitly not part of the question.

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