[time-nuts] Good GPSDO?

Bryan _ bpl521 at outlook.com
Sun Jul 3 02:29:22 EDT 2016

You will find most if all of these units are using a Trimble 63090/73090/65256. You will find a lot of good information on this EEVBLOG forum board
if by chance it is a Symmetricom then
As for spec and how good these are I own a the Symmetricom but don't have the equipment and more importantly the knowledge to test or give advice to others. Will defer that to the experts on Time-Nuts.
p.s. if you search eBay for the Trimble with the mfg. numbers as I mentioned you will find them a lot cheaper if you want to roll out your own.


> From: rchrdm at earthlink.net
> Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2016 21:28:12 -0700
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> Subject: [time-nuts] Good GPSDO?
> I am just getting into the precise time and frequency stuff.  I thought I should buy a GPSDO.
> There are quite a few similar-looking ones on eBay, such as eBay number 281802105734
> There is also a Trimble at 252162780444
> Would either of these be OK for a newbie like me?
> Richard
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