[time-nuts] Good GPSDO on eBay?

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Sat Jul 9 23:06:12 EDT 2016

And when you build your own, you're still left with the issue of the oscillator.  In my experience, only about 2 out of 3 of the 34310-Ts I get from China are worth using.  If you buy them one at a time your odds aren't good.  OTOH, as your first oscillator, especially for HF use, noise and stability aren't quite as important as if you're multiplying up to microwaves.

But, as a starter GPSDO, probably anything is good.  Frequency accuracy, even if a fraction of a Hz off, is all you're looking for at first.  I bought one of Bert Zauhar's (VE2ZAZ) circuit boards and chips for my first one.  It was a good experience.  And when I was done, I had a GPSDO that was as good as most of what you find on ebay in the bargain basement, but at a much lower cost.  But then you need a case, and something to compare it to, and something even better, and then you're a time-nut.

But one thing to remember Richard, is that the time-nuts idea of accuracy is much different from what you may be used to.  For HF ham use,+/- 1Hz accuracy is a big deal.  In the time nuts community, phase accuracy to the nanosecond level (and even better, if possible!) is what's important.



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since you asked ...
Many thoughts, none of them good.
Recycled components sold for real money.
Too many "versions" to figure out "what you got".
If all you want is a frequency standard to turn it on and "forget it" 
spend a few extra bucks and get one with all new components from a 
domestic company.
Or if you want to have some fun put together one of your own.

At 04:40 PM 7/9/2016, Richard Mogford wrote:
>This looks like a good beginner's GPSDO on eBay: 172148560746
>"This is GPS Disciplined Clock made with trimble GPSDO Board.Full 
>tested by Agilent 53132A with US-012 option and Ex-ref from trimble 
>thunderbolt GPSDO."
>      The seller says it has a sine wave output and is accurate from
>      10e-11 to 10e-12.
>Any thoughts?
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