[time-nuts] Man with too many clocks.

Peter Reilley preilley_454 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 3 08:20:36 EDT 2016

I am the proverbial man with too many clocks and I don't know what time 
it is.
To correct this situation I have decided to calibrate everything.

I have a HP 5370B, a HP 6370A, and a HP 5328A all with the TCXO 
option.   I also
have some TCXO modules.   I figured that I would calibrate them against 
my Trimble
Resolution T GPS receiver.

I put the 1 PPS signal in one channel of my scope and one of the 10 MHz TCXO
signals in the other channel and look at the phase relationship. The 
TCXO's are
already close enough that I should not be out by more than a fraction of 
a waveform.
I understand that I have to deal with the 1 PPS without sawtooth correction.

I expected to see the 10 MHz signal bounce around but not move more than 1/2
of a wave length.   Instead I see the 10 MHz waveform appear steady for 
a few seconds
then jump a significant portion of the wave.   The jump is too much to 
be confident
that I have not slipped one cycle.

Can I do what I am trying to do or am I missing something?


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