[time-nuts] Newbie With a Z3801 Problem

Dave Hallidy k2dh1 at frontier.com
Fri Nov 4 20:23:32 EDT 2016

I took your suggestion and sure enough, I can see on the scope that it puts
out a string on power up.  I'm sure that's why SatStat gives me a
"Communications established- please wait" then "Checking echo".  But then it
all seems to fall apart, because after that, it drops back to "Trying to
establish communications" and "No response..." until I power down then back
up, and it repeats the cycle.

I don't have any real info on power supply voltages, so I don't know what
they should be.  On power up, it goes through the cycle of briefly lighting
the LEDs on the main board red, ending with the green blinking one on the
main board at the same time cycling through the front panel LEDs and ending
with just the power LED lit.  I can pull it apart and check for caps needing
replacement if you think that might be a cause of this.


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I would put a scope on the TX line from the Z3801A and power cycle it.  I'm 
pretty sure it prints out the version string on power up.

Have you checked the power supplies?  Or looked for old electrolytics?

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