[time-nuts] Logging SPAD pulses on synced devices (was: Linux PPS clues?)

Ilia Platone info at iliaplatone.com
Sat Nov 5 01:52:31 EDT 2016

Hi, and thank you for these suggestions.

Currently this project becomes reality (slowly): this kind of 
synchronization/grabbing is very interesting, but I need something fast 
(I expect the SPAD with active quenching circuitry could output 30ns 
pulses, and the quantization frequency I hope to run at is 350/450MHz 
Anyway, I found some FPGA code for so fast UART, not difficult to 
implement, and using these kind of devices this system you propose can 
be built from scratch, including a small buffer.

Can I post an LTSpice drawing for review here describing the active 
quenching circuitry?

Best Regards,

On 11/05/16 04:48, Casey L. Jones wrote:
> Yes, you might need a separate dedicated chip to take in the serial 
> input steadily. Although you may not. Many serial ports have a small 
> buffer to prevent missed serial input when the operating system gets 
> distracted with something other than processing serial data.
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