[time-nuts] Thermal impact on OCXO

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Hi Scott,
The 20 bits span about 6 volts.  The EFC range spans about 8Hz (+/-4Hz).  I don't do these calculations every day, but that's about 4.5PPT?
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I think that's a nice plot, it looks like you have stepped 160 LSB over 7 days or roughly 1 LSB per hour. With a 20bit dac you are trimming maybe 1 ppt/LSB to 4 ppt/LSB? In allan devation terms, the case of 1ppt/LSB, solely due to drift, you're at 1E-12 at 3600*sqrt(2) = 5000 s, in the case of 4ppt/hour your at 1E-12 at 1280 s. Seems reasonable.
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Oh dear.  I attached the wrong file.  Here's the correct one.
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