[time-nuts] I love the smell of tantalum in the morning

Robert LaJeunesse lajeunesse at mail.com
Sun Nov 6 11:42:35 EST 2016

Another admittedly low-budget way of heating both ends is to use a heat spreader. Solder a short piece of braid to one component end, fold it over the top of the part, and solder it to the other end. Heat the braid in the center, add solder until both ends are melted, and lift the combination off with tweezers. Sometimes a heavy enough copper wire bent around the part will also work as the heat spreader..

Bob LaJeunesse

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> Yes. Unless you're grinding it away with a dremel (which I wouldn't recommend as far as chemical dust is concerned), nibbling away with sidecutters would be trying to force the 2 ends of the component apart. That may be stressing the pads they're soldered to, leading to a possible pad lifting at some stage.
> Any of the methods mentioned that heat both ends at the same time - allowing the component to be wiped off the board - would have to be the best, stress-wise.

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