[time-nuts] Fluke Voltage Standards.

Bill Hawkins bill.iaxs at pobox.com
Thu Nov 10 02:32:05 EST 2016

Had the HP equivalent for a while. Required special cords to bring the
voltage to the DUT. Buyer Beware.
Haven't seen a Fair Radio catalog in years, not since I sold the R-39x

There's a big difference between the accuracy of a voltage standard and
a time standard.
Perhaps this is because there are no satellites broadcasting voltage

Bill Hawkins

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Fair Radio which has been in the surplus electronics business almost
forever has two models of Fluke standards for sale. They have a sterling
FLUKE-332A  $100 Voltage Standard - Used Reparable
FLUKE-332B  $125 Voltage Standard - Used Reparable

IIRC, this means they will work but are not calibrated.  If interested
one can email them for exactly what Used Repairable means.

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