[time-nuts] Oscilloquartz Star-4 GPSDO (was: Thermal impact on OCXO)

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 19 13:05:52 EST 2016

There was a copy uploaded to EEVBLOG.   I uploaded it  and another one that Atilla found to ko4bb.com  I don't know if they are out of quarantine yet.

The device does not provide any PPS/OSC info to plot (only a 0.03C res temperature reading).   You can set the PLL time constant,  satellite elevation mask,  enter manual holdover.    It does track SBAS satellites.  It also sees sat PRN 4,  which is not-active.

The BG7TBL Star-4 GPSDO does not make the management interface available on the RS-232 connector.  I wired an external RS-232 converter to the management port (he breaks out the 26-pin Star-4 connector to pads).  I will probably re-wire his RS-232 signals (which are tapped off an internal Ublox serial interface) to the management port and get rid of my kludge.  His output normally sends out NMEA data, but once you talk to the management port, it switches to Ublox binary data.  Sending commands to the Ublox does not appear to do anything.  The BG7TBL device uses the ATDC version of the Star-4 which is the highest spec'd version.

I may also bring out the Star-4 TOD (time of day) signal (which is a 4800 BPS NMEA port) to the connector so NTP has something to get time messages from.


> Are Oscilloquartz's Star-4 commands described somewhere? I can't find
them in the wild...

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