[time-nuts] Thermal impact on OCXO

Lars Walenius lars.walenius at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 23 15:55:44 EST 2016

Thanks Azelio,

I have also thought that the EFC range probably says something. The datasheet for the OFC4834 says EFC range +-0.4ppm and that that should be enough for 15 years. The OFC MC834, I have seems very similar, but without EFC. So my 68ppm drift is well within the +-400ppb


>From: Azelio Boriani<mailto:azelio.boriani at gmail.com>
>Sent: den 19 november 2016 02:01
>One starting point to figure out the 10 years aging can be the
datasheet of an OCXO:
MTI240: per year, 3.0E-7, in 10 years must be less than 30.0E-7
MTI220: per year, 1.0E-6, in 10 years < 10.0E-6
Bliley NV26R: 17 years, 5.0E-6
OSA8663: per year, 3.0E-8, in 10 years < 30.0E-8

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