[time-nuts] Vintage Quartz Crystal Manufacturing

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Sat Nov 26 10:15:41 EST 2016


Welcome to eBay …..

I don’t believe those are crystals at all. If you take a look at the markings on the parts
they are labeled “80 K cps”. In other words they are 80 KHz not 80M devices. Looking
at the gap, if there is a crystal in there it’s not obvious that it’s big enough for 80 KHz. 

My guess is that they are tank tuning caps for an mechanical MOPA style transmitter. 
The size and construction are about right for that sort of thing. Swap one in and the 
transmit frequency changes. Number 7 for 80 KHz. Number 8 for 85 KHz. Number 7 for 
75 KHz. Just a guess …


> On Nov 26, 2016, at 7:40 AM, Adrian Godwin <artgodwin at gmail.com> wrote:
> I bought some old crystals on ebay :
> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122225114483
> Is anyone familiar with this style ? I don't think the quartz is visible in
> the glass section : I imagine that's just an insulator. I think the quartz
> is under a brass disc, with a sping to hold the disc down visible through
> the glass.
> Does anyone know what the reference marked on them "w'less sets No 7"
> refers to ?
> On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 6:50 AM, Mark Sims <holrum at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Can you say "Mr Rogers' Neighborhood?"   I knew you could...
>> He (along with creepy Mr McFeelie) always ran segments on how some item
>> was made.   Geared towards pre-schoolers, but always worth watching.
>> ---------------------
>> Compare the Science channel's new "How Do They Do It" to the older "How
>> It's Made"
>> shows.
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